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非常感谢 for the bale stacker - what a difference it makes to the job! Used to have 2 tractors & trailers plus a telehandler in the shed for stacking - this weekend did the whole job with one tractor loading, carting and stacking away. Actually found it better stacking in the shed with the loader than with a telehandler.

Great bit of kit, gentle on the bales, solidly built and saved a lot of time and cost. Neighbours been eyeing it up! 




Just thought I would drop you a line to express our satisfaction with the road grader.

I personally used it on our haulage yard at Whittlesey that had seen very little if any maintenance for over two years. The surface was extremely hard and had multiple large pot holes some of which were 2m wide and 200mm deep. It took me just over a day to get it round but the results speak for themselves. 

We knew that anything we tried to use would have is work cut out for it, but the grader made relatively light work of it and other that it being a bit dusty has no wear or damage.

The finish, quality of welding and outright design is very good.

We are currently looking at other areas in which we could use either this one or a second!

Please feel free to use us as an example of just what the product is capable of, I only wish I had taken some photos of before to use as reference!



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Really pleased with the bale grab, twice the machine of our other make. Not having bottom tines definitely makes it better for both loading and unloading - guys argue over who gets the Murray grab everytime we send them out as a pair!! If I can unload ours over the winter, we will back in touch for another.




Full Spec 碎石路平地机

I just wanted to drop you a quick note as we have now had time to use the road grader properly.

We took a bit of a risk buying the road grader and we bought it 'blind' without actually seeing it in the flesh or working. We have not been disappointed though, it is absolutely fantastic and is doing an amazing job. The design is excellent and it is remediating some terrible tracks that were in a horrific state post our exceptionally wet winter.

I wanted to thank you for the kit it really is brilliant, we will show it off for you in 林肯郡 and hopefully stimulate some new orders!





Thought I would send a quick update/feedback on the push-off bucket grab.

It has been busy over the past 2 weeks moving composted manure/mucking out new manure and it has been working a treat with ‘Great piece of kit' being said on numerous occasions. It has revolutionised all loading operations with the speed of loading and the fact that it is a full bucket load every time as nothing sticks in the back has made the job far more efficient. 网上赌搏网站十大排行装载了14个.5t composted manure in under 4 minutes with no bucket banging which has got to reduce wear on the loader.

The grab unit works really well on the raw manure and is out the way for working up against walls so there has been very little manual shovelling! The change over system works spot-on and is quick and easy off the loader joystick.

I have put a short video together of us moving composted manure which the bucket features in on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOt1fZXEiJc

I have got other footage of the bucket in action so will get it put together when I get time.

The bucket was out yesterday tidying up windrows for Lilburn Farming Partnership who we do composting for and we did a demonstration for the farm's foreman and manager who are extremely interested in the unit. I will pass on your details so they may get in touch. They have a lot of cows and a lot of muck/composted manure so we think it would revolutionise their loading as well!

If anybody needs convincing on the idea send them our way!